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Seeing conditions during the exposures presented here varied between 0.8 and 1.0 arcsec during the first night, and between 0.5 and 0.7 arcsec during the second night.Additional spectra were obtained in 2008 under worse atmospheric conditions (seeing up to 2 arcsec), but due to their poor quality they were not included in the analysis.We have obtained deep optical spectrophotometry of 16 planetary nebulae (PNe) in M33, mostly located in the central 2 kpc of the galaxy, with the Subaru and Keck telescopes.We have derived electron temperatures and chemical abundances from the detection of the [O ] λ4363 line for the whole sample.This left us with 10 and eight PNe from the Subaru and the Keck observations, respectively, with two targets in common between the two data sets.Only two Subaru targets were excluded from the analysis because their [O region chemical abundances (Section 5) we retain these additional objects.

The blue spectra presented here, extending from [O ] λ5007, were obtained with the 600/4000 grism, providing ∼5 Å resolution with the 1-arcsec-wide slits used in the multi-object masks.

While information on the present-day chemical abundances of star-forming galaxies are gathered from the spectra of the H regions and massive stars, the PNe provide the chemical makeup of older progenitor stars.