Template for updating my database e mail

11-Oct-2017 00:07

That would be really confusing to the user, because there is no success message.

We have two options here: You now have a working contact form that allows visitors to your web app to email you messages, and hopefully you learned some new skills about creating forms in Django and working with email.

POST.get('content', '') # Email the profile with the # contact information template = get_template('contact_template.txt') context = Context() content = template.render(context) email = Email Message( "New contact form submission", content, "Your website" ' Before we can test our logic, we need to create an email template. Textarea ) # the new bit we're adding def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super(Contact Form, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.fields['contact_name'].label = "Your name:" self.fields['contact_email'].label = "Your email:" self.fields['content'].label = "What do you want to say? If you ignore the first two lines, the rest are pretty easy to read — we're just grabbing the relevant fields in our form, and updating the label.

Our email template is going to be simple, just showing the sections that our user filled out. You can see more information about updating form fields and attributes here in this excellent post.

This way you can "send emails" as you're developing your app, but you don't have to worry about going over the daily email limit that these email delivery products have in their freemium accounts.

Textarea ) We're going to define the fields we want in our form, which'll be just the contact's name, their email, and what they're like to say to you.Email notifications can be sent to email address(es) specified for admins (in the Notify section of Composer (right column) as well as email addresses specified/selected in the Email and Dynamic Recipients field types.

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